2016 TAWC Field Walk

Several HPWD staff members attended the 2016 TAWC Field Walk, which was hosted on Glenn Schur’s farm near Plainview, Texas. The event featured information about five different pivot irrigation delivery systems. Bob Glodt started the morning off talking about evapotranspiration (ET) and how much or how little water crops need. Layne Hardesty with Equipment Supply and Craig Jones with Netafim discussed the Precision Mobile Drip Irrigation (PMDI) technology called Dragon-Line. This orange hose with drip emitters drags behind a center pivot system and waters the soil surface reducing evaporation and eliminating wind drift. There are about 100 PMDI’s being tested on farms today including Mr. Schur’s. Tim Cooper spoke on behalf of WinField about R7 Soil Profiling. Lastly, Walker Kemp with AquaSpy spoke about a soil moisture probe that helps farmers decide when to irrigate.


Overall, we enjoyed the 2016 TAWC Field Walk and look forward to attending the next field walk in August. Stay tuned!

TAWC Field Walk (4)

Left to right: Jeff Pate, Rick Kellison, Glen Schur and Bob Glodt giving an opening speech.

TAWC Field Walk (5)

Left to right: Glen Schur and Bob Glodt leading the field walk.

TAWC Field Walk (19)

Dragon-Line being tested on Glen Schur’s farm.


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